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So there was only one possible topic for our very first blog post: A little back story on how we got here!

They say the journey of a thousand miles begins with one simple step. Well, it has been a series of simple (and not so simple) steps that has brought us to today. 

Lotus & Evergreen consists of two parts. The Lotus (yours truly) and the Evergreen who is none other than my wonderful husband, Dave.

Me: I grew up as a pretty sensitive and perceptive kid who was naturally careful and cautious. As I matured, I gathered up my courage and began to grow passionate about experiencing the places and people which fascinated me most.  After some wanderlusting, I eventually returned home to expand my curiosity about human behavior and study Psychology.

Dave: He is the masculine energy behind this creative endeavor. He grew up as an athletic and energetic young lad who excelled at nearly everything he pursued. He is the stable and grounded voice of logic that balances my tendency to have too many irons in the fire.  

Though on different journeys, we both grew up as young, wide-eyed children with a strong wonder for the world. We were free to ponder and explore the question 'What will you be when you grow up?' Doctors, Engineers, French Teachers, Magicians, who knows...? Before we knew it, we were "adults" and the world was upon us. The stars aligned, our paths intertwined (thankfully!) and we fell in Love. We got jobs, got married and began creating our own tribe of tiny humans. Along with three lovable girls, we also gained responsibilities, bills, pressure, and STRESS! Though life was both full and fulfilling, there was little time or energy left to pursue the possibilities we'd once so freely explored.

The Shift

While struggling to relax at the end of another long day, too tired to even talk, we decided a change was needed. Things started simple with a firm decision to prioritize more time for self-care and connection. By turning off our phones, tablets, laptops, and TVs, we were dedicated to finding time to just sit in peace, and really experience each moment.

It was tough to stay focused and present but we were (and still are!) committed to making more time for conscious connection with ourselves and each other. 

Even while writing this post, thoughts of the daily responsibilities start to creep in: work, laundry, lunches, cleaning, more laundry, more cleaning ... Enough!!

The Jewelry

In an effort to resurrect some of my own creativity, I began to use my down time to make jewelry. The first mala I made was a gift for a close friend. I researched the history and made it very close to a traditional Japa mala. The next one was for myself. It was small and made from my favorite stone, Labradorite. Once completed, I LOVED it and immediately felt it was something special.

After receiving lots of compliments and giving explanations of its meaning, I was compelled to actually USE my mala for meditation. That is when I really knew it was something special. The very act of repeating my mantra and focusing on my intention did not leave room for other thoughts to pop in. 

That beautiful green Labradorite mala helped my sanity. How? By giving me something to center on. Even now, with my mala around my neck, I can feel the energy of my own intentions. With this conscious reminder, I can almost immediately be brought back to center and reconnect with myself. It sounds simple, but it worked and has inspired me to want to share it with others!

Being driven by the passion to share and empower others, Lotus & Evergreen was born. Both Dave and I were pumped to get started. We knew we wanted to be different from many of the mala makers in the current market. So we went in search of high-quality materials to build our malas, and we created prototypes. Many, MANY prototypes! In the end, we were able to find responsibly sourced, high-quality gemstones, hand-made silver elements (pure, hand-forged silver that supports the Thai tribe who makes it!), and fine Indian silk for our tassels. We wanted to make malas and intention bracelets that could be worn anytime, any place; to work, to the park, to yoga, wherever.    

So whenever those times hit, when stress gets high and confidence gets low and you start to feel disconnected, we hope your mala inspires the same sense of peace that we have known. We want you to place your hand on it, take a deep breath and begin to regain your focus. We're here to provide you with something you can cherish; something that will help you through those tough times, and look amazing too!! 

We thank you so much for being here to witness the first steps of Lotus & Evergreen's journey. It's been amazing so far and we are super excited for what the future will bring! 

Elizabeth xo

Lotus & Evergreen


  • Elizabeth, my dear friend Dale gifted me 2 of your beautiful bracelets….can’t express how much I love them. The quality is above and beyond.

  • Elizabeth, such a well written story! Thanks for sharing. I will continue to follow your journey.
    Take care!


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