Mothers Day is upon us, happening on Sunday May 12th and we've selected our top Intention Bracelet picks to gift this year. Made exclusively with premium grade gemstones, Lotus & Evergreen's quality and inspiration is the perfect gift for the special mother in your life. Being a mom is a tough gig at times and our bracelets are designed to support inner strength and personal growth. Help her stay grounded with this year with a high quality gemstone bracelet featuring Sterling and Hill Tribe silver.

Here are the top picks for this Mothers Day:

5. Intention Bracelet - Indian Rosewood for Love + Kindness - $45

Filled with soft and supportive energy, Rosewood is an excellent choice to promote your spiritual and emotional healing. A staple for your spiritual pursuits, this sacred wood is known to represent the innate qualities of Love and Kindness to inspire a compassionate heart.

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4. Intention Bracelet - Howlite for Peace + Calm - $45

If you are feeling stressed, tense or anxious, Howlite can help soothe your emotions and slow down an overactive mind. The energy of Howlite supports the reduction of anxiety and can help you achieve a deeper, more restful sleep. Howlite is an excellent support stone if you're looking to improve your overall sense of peace and calm.

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3. Sacred Symbol Intention Bracelet - Tourmaline with Bodhi Leaf Charm - $85

A very powerful protective and healing stone, Tourmaline energizes each chakra by transmuting any negativity or blockages into lighter, more free flowing energies. The absorbing, aligning and cleansing properties make it a powerhouse stone for promoting multiple levels of healing and restoring balance to your mind, body and spirit.

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2. Intention Bracelet - Porcelain Jasper for Peace + Nurturing - $45

A gentle support stone for peace and relaxation, Porcelain Jasper offers emotional protection when dealing with difficult situations. The calming, nurturing energy promotes feelings of stability, safety and security. Wearing Porcelain Jasper can help open your heart to deeper self love and release built up tension that no longer serves you.

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1. Intention Bracelet - Rose Quartz for Unconditional Love - $45
Known as the "Stone of Unconditional Love", Rose Quartz carries a soft and tender energy that activates your Heart Chakra and gently supports awakening to a deeper sense of love for yourself and others. An excellent stone for inspiring a more compassionate heart and increasing openness to giving and receiving love more freely.

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Those are our top 5 picks for Mother Day 2019. If the mom in your life would like to choose her own bracelet, Lotus & Evergreen offers gift cards here. Electronic gift cards can be sent by email or a physical card can be mailed to your address. 

We hope you have a wonderful Mothers Day, however you may be celebrating!

Lotus & Evergreen