Interested in crafting your very own Intention Bracelet or Sacred Mala? Well... have we got news for you! We offer customized workshops for individuals, groups and business for those who want to introduce a bit more Zen in their lives. 

Picture This: A small group of unique, like minded people around a table ~ learning, creating, sharing and manifesting. There is tea, laughter and the sound of strangers becoming friends; each one contributing to the collective power of the group.

The Sacred Mala Workshop: During this time, you will dive into the mystical aspect of using prayer beads for meditation and intuitively create your very own sacred mala beads. You will learn what exactly a mala is, the symbolism of the #108, the mala parts as well as how to use your mala meditation. You will leave with a high quality mala made from premium elements that with the proper care, should last a lifetime.

The Intention Bracelet Workshop: Much more than just making a bracelet, in this sacred workshop, you will be given the space to go within and discover how the power of your own personal intention, paired with the healing vibrations of gemstones can be used as a transformational tool to achieve a deeper sense of purpose. You will be shown how to use your mala bracelet as a tool for meditation and charge it with your own energy and intention.

All materials will be provided. The only thing you need to bring is YOU! A wide selection of genuine gemstones, Sandalwood, Rosewood, Thai & Sterling Silver elements will be available for you to personalize your creation. 
Intuitively crafting your own mala or intention bracelet can be a very powerful way to introduce the practice of meditation into your life and initiate positive transformation.
This is a very special, sacred and FUN gathering! If you have any questions or are interested in hosting a Workshop, we would love to hear from you! Connect with us here!  


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