Karen Hill Tribe Silver

We believe that jewelry becomes truly beautiful when you know how, and where, each element was crafted. Here is a little bit about some of the silver we use to create our pieces. 

 Lotus & Evergreen uses silver beads, pendants and charms that are handmade by the artisans of the Karen Hill Tribe in Thailand. These artisans are world-renowned silversmiths and have been using traditional techniques for generations, individually shaping each bead. Every single unique piece of silver is has been cut, hammered and polished by hand. The silver content is approximately 97-99% pure which we use in combination with 92.5% Sterling Silver in all of our jewelry.

The Karen Hill Tribe villagers live in the Northern mountain ranges of Thailand and their livelihoods largely depend on farming, handicrafts, and silversmithing. It is our privilege to support the Karen people by using their truly impressive beads.

Lotus & Evergreen will always be committed to sourcing goods as responsibly as possible.