108 Bead Mala - Porcelain Jasper + Rose Quartz + Hill Tribe Silver

108 Bead Mala - Porcelain Jasper + Rose Quartz + Hill Tribe Silver

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Nurture yourself with self love and acceptance with this 108 Bead Mala made from AAA grade Porcelain Jasper, Rose Quartz and and Hill Tribe Silver. The Spiral pendant is hand carved from 97-99% pure silver with pride by the Karen Hill Tribe in Northern Thailand. They rely heavily on their silversmith skills to sustain their communities and build their economy. Lotus & Evergreen is proud to support them! 

About the Symbol
With meanings in various cultures, the Spiral can represent a labyrinth-like passage that we continuously travel. Circling around through similar life lessons and experiences - only to understand them on a deeper level each time. As we continue to get closer to the center, we begin to experience our truest, most pure self, realizing our own divinity. 

About the Gemstones 
Porcelain Jasper: A gentle support stone for peace and relaxation, Porcelain Jasper offers emotional protection when dealing with difficult situations. The calming, nurturing energy promotes feelings of stability, safety and security. Wearing Porcelain Jasper can help open your heart to deeper self love and release built up tension that no longer serves you.

Rose Quartz: Known as the "Stone of Unconditional Love", Rose Quartz carries a soft and tender energy that activates your Heart Chakra and gently supports awakening to a deeper sense of love for yourself and others. An excellent stone for inspiring a more compassion heart and increasing openness to giving and receiving love more freely.

Lotus & Evergreen Malas are handcrafted using genuine, natural, premium grade 6mm gemstone beads, Sacred Indian Rosewood and Sterling and Karen Hill Tribe Silver. Each of the 108 beads can be used to count your mantra repetitions or breaths, set intentions and deepen your meditation practice.

Mindfully handmade in Canada. Includes gemstone meaning card, care instructions and gift box.

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