LAVA Bracelet - Carnelian + Brecciated Jasper + Hill Tribe Silver

LAVA Bracelet - Carnelian + Brecciated Jasper + Hill Tribe Silver

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The Carnelian + Brecciated Jasper + Lava Stone Bracelet feature beautiful shades of dark Red and Orange that are bound to inspire a spark within. The polished stones and Hill Tribe silver make this an excellent choice to support your root and sacral chakras. 

Gemstone Info
The perfect stone for restoring your vitality and passion for living, Carnelian activates the Sacral Chakra, which gets your juices flowing and can awaken a deeper awareness of your sacred sexuality. Carnelian can also help energize your creativity and improve your outlook and zest for life.

Known as a stone of strength and vitality, Brecciated Jasper stimulates your base and sacral chakra, helping keep you grounded and energized. Containing a mix of Jasper and Hematite, it is an excellent stone to enhance feelings of safety, strength and protection.

Durable stretch cord
8mm premium grade AAA Carnelian
8mm AAA Brecciated Jasper
8mm AAA Lava Stone 
Hill Tribe Silver

Bracelet sizing is based on selected wrist size, made to fit comfortably with approximately 1-1.5" breathing room.

Mindfully handmade in Canada. Includes gemstone meaning card, care instructions and gift box. 

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