PATIENCE + TRUST - Intention Bracelet - Dumortierite

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Imagine yourself with a greater capacity for wholehearted patience. You trust the natural process of life and believe in the magic of divine timing. You don't try and push the river, you know it flows by itself.

The Dumortierite Intention Bracelet supports this vision and reminds you that at any moment, you're exactly where you're meant to be. You are already in the flow. There is no need to force things into place. 

Easy to roll on and off, this comfortable bracelet is your gentle reminder to relax into patience and cultivate more peace within. The polished stones and sterling silver provide a smooth and luxurious feel as they support your re-connection to the natural flow of life.

Gemstone Info
Known as the "Stone of Patience", Dumortierite helps open the doors of inner insight and encourage universal trust during times of uncertainty. By helping slow down aggravated and irritated energies, Dumortierite supports a more peaceful perspective on the natural progression of life. By cultivating more patience with yourself and others, you allow the universal plan to unfold in its own divine timing.

Symbol Info
The greatest of all mantras, ॐ OM embodies the entire universe; everything created and everything yet to be created. Keeping this sacred sound and symbol in your awareness can act as a powerful reminder of the sheer magnificence of the Universe.

Durable stretch cord
8mm premium grade AAA Madagascar Dumortierite
Karen Hill Tribe Thai Silver

Bracelet sizing is based on selected wrist size, made to fit comfortably with approximately 1-1.5" breathing room. 

Mindfully handmade in Canada. Includes gemstone meaning card, care instructions and gift box.

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