108 Bead Mala - Labradorite + Quartz + Sacred Indian Rosewood + Hill Tribe Silver

108 Bead Mala - Labradorite + Quartz + Sacred Indian Rosewood + Hill Tribe Silver

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Lotus & Evergreen Malas are handcrafted using genuine, natural, premium grade 6mm gemstone beads, Sacred Indian Rosewood and Sterling and Karen Hill Tribe Silver. Each of the 108 beads can be used to count your mantra repetitions or breaths, set intentions and deepen your meditation practice.

Labradorite: Known as the "Stone of Magic" or the "Shaman's Stone", Labradorite supports self discovery and finding the Light within, awakening one's inner spirit and intuition and discovery of higher realms and insight. In addition, Labradorite’s iridescence also acts as a reflective shield, helpful to create boundaries and repel the negativity of others

Quartz: Known as a "Master Healer", Quartz emits a high frequency vibration and is a very powerful support stone for healing. Quartz can be worn on its own or in conjunction with other crystals to amplify their positive effects.

Sacred Indian Rosewood: Filled with soft and supportive energy, Rosewood is an excellent choice to support your spiritual healing. It is known to represent the innate qualities of Love and Kindness.

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